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Welcome to the Department of Law at Pundra University of Science and Technology. It is a great honor and pleasure to serve as Head of the Department of Law. Law is a liberal and dynamic subject. It helps people to know law so that they can help themselves. It’s also called the profession of people helping people. The main effort of the department of Law is to provide skilled, competent and diversified lawyers and judges to ensure community well-being and administration of justice with special attention to helpless people. Because Lawyers are called social engineer of the society and judges are considered below to the omnipotent.

We are proud of being a diverse group of students, faculty and staff members dedicated to the values and ideas of Law. The department offers both the LLB (Hons) and LLM degree options. Our students are prepared to meet the challenges and needs of society. Our faculty has expertise in different areas of laws. Every faculty member is actively engaged in teaching, publishing research work, providing consultation and training, and sharing expertise at local, regional and national and international conferences and events. In addition, we try to enrich our courses consistent with the demand of time and current law practice experiences to meet the present and future needs arising out of globalization.

On behalf of our faculty members and students of the department of Law, I offer my best wishes to all.

Md. Jahurul Islam
Assistant Professor & Head
Mobile: 01717290549
E-mail: jahurul.islam00@gmail.com

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