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An educational institution is a place where people of different ages gain an education. They are provided with a large variety of learning environments and learning spaces. This institution is a holy place like other holy places of the world. So every body must preserve the dignity of such a great Institution. Our prophet (sm) emphasized to acquire knowledge, "seek knowledge, even unto China"; because, China was far and far from the Land of Arabia at that ancient times. Pundra University is located at the centre of north Bengal of Bangladesh. So it created a good opportunity for people of north Bengal in acquiring knowledge in different fields and obtaining degrees, trainings to make their career.

A man should have two types of qulities, first; fundemental human qualities comprising of loving people, patriotism, obedient to parents, teachers and superiors, commitment to nation, building good personality etc. and the second; are professional qualities which will lead him a good social life, skills in different fields, and will so earn one's livelihood. I think this University has been established to rear its students to acquire these valuable qualities.

Like other degrees and trainings, this university is also offering MPH program. Only one category of professionals can not meet the health needs of our people, like doctors, nurses, health planners, but there should be comprehensive efforts of all professionals. Our country is now fighting with public heath problems of population, communicabe diseases, environmental sanitation, nutrtional, medical care with emerging and re-emerging diseases. Again we are to face with global health problems. The knowledge and skill in public health will enhance our doctors, nurses, health administrators to prevent, treat and control such a lot of health problems.

I wish the Pundra university of science and technology will emit light of education in diferent fields of human civilization to shine whole our nation and will also transcend our national boundaries.

Prof. Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam
Fellow WHO (India), SAARC Special Training (Korea)
Professor & Head
Telephone: 051-65831
Mobile: 01710-814572
E-mail: tamjid1992@yahoo.com
[Professor of Community Medicne, TMSS Medical College, Bogra
& Ex-Principal, Cox's Bazar Medical College]

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