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About the Department:
The aims of the program is to provide training in public health to the qualified health professional and to others individuals whose prior training and experience prepare them to play a leadership role in the field of public health. Major objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide highest level of education and training to ensure capacity development in public health program management, research and development.
  2. To explore new idea, information and knowledge for improved health of the people of the country.
  3. To disseminate knowledge, development and discovers to concerned academic policy makers and development partners.

Medical graduates with experience of 02 years or more and non-medical graduates with experience of 03 years or more respectively, in the field or Public Health or a related area (excluding internship) will be preferred. Applicants should have an experience working in developing countries. Students will be selected through an assessment of their application form. Prescribed application form will be available in the institution on payment of usual fee for registration. A minimum of 45 credits with a GPA of at least 2.5 (C+ average) and at least on full year (3 semesters) of participation are required. Every student has to satisfactorily complete a field research project (Dissertation) to completely fulfill the requirement of MPH degree.

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