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About the University:
The syllabus of BA (Hons in English) at Pundra University of Science & Technology is intended to create a balance between linguistics and literature, classics and contemporary, British and non-British masterpieces, with particular focus on practical needs of the students and their future work settings. A student has to complete 126 credits for BA (Hons) degree and 36 credits for MA degree. The students have an opportunity to major in literature or linguistics or media and cultural studies in BA (Hons) and MA (Final).

Duration of the course:
I. Four academic years
II. Candidates enrolled in the program must complete all the requirements of the program within four to six academic years.

Credits: 126

Entry Requirement:
The entry requirement for B.A. Honors in English Program is Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), A-level and any other equivalent qualification/s recognized by the government and UGC.

Admission into the B.A. Honors in English Program is offered on a highly competitive basis. Candidates are selected for admission on the basis of their past academic records, results of written tests, and viva examinations.

The program includes four major areas of teaching-learning:
a) Literature
b) Linguistics
c) English Language Teaching (ELT), and
d) Media and Cultural Studies

Aims and Objectives of the Program:
The principle aim of the program is to provide modern and useful education in English language, literature and culture in order to produce well-qualified and skilled professionals and practitioners in different fields of the 21st century job market of Bangladesh and the world.

General objectives:
a. To promote among students liberal humanitarian values through the study of the English language, masterpieces of English and American literature, non-native literature in English, literature in translation and cultural studies of all times.
b. To polish, refine and develop sensibilities and cultivate professionalism in manner and behaviour of students to prepare them to be successful future leaders in different areas of life and living in and outside the country of their birth.
c. To ensure positive attitudinal changes and strengthen the moral fabric in order for them to develop their ability to distinguish right from wrong and be prepared to contribute to the development of the society they live in.
d. To help students develop awareness of the burning issues of the modern world like world peace, environment, equality of opportunity for all etc. through training on tolerance, ethics and morality and global brotherhood.
e. To train a generation of workforce equipped with effective and refined knowledge and useful skills in English language, world literature and appreciation of different and differing cultures, traditions and values other than their own.

Specific objectives:
a. To develop excellent communication skills in English in order for them to be able to work using the language anywhere in the world;
b. To empower students with skills of language, e.g., understanding, speaking, reading and writing and translating.
c. To prepare good English language and literature teaching professionals to cater for the current dire needs of such practitioners at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels in Bangladesh.
d. To train students as course curriculum designers for English language programs in the country.
e. To train students as English text book/material designers so that they can produce culture and context-sensitive ELT materials.
f. To enable students to design and mark English language tests so that they can evaluate tests of English language and literature and also work as trainers and assessors of standard international English language tests such IELTS and TOEFL.
g. To develop translation skills (for translating our art, literature and culture into English and translating foreign literature, art culture and good textbooks on different subjects from English to Bangla).
h. To impart knowledge and skills required to work with the media, e.g. as news editors in TV and as sub-editors in newspapers.
i. To impart training in creative writing in English so that through their own creative writings they can familiarize foreign nationals with our culture.

Students must complete 60 credits in English to fulfill the major requirements. Out of these 60 credits, 30 are compulsory for students from all streams.

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