Admission is going on for Fall-2017 semester

  1. International Mother Language Day Celebration
  2. Meeting of BOT
  3. Certificate Giving Ceremony
  4. Certificate Giving Ceremony
  5. International Mother Language Day Observation
  6. National Mourning Day Celebration
  7. Honorable Deputy Speaker's Visit

Chairman, Board of Trustees

(Ar. M.H.M. Shahjahan)

Vice-Chairman, Board of Trustees

(Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum)

The Pundra University of Science and Technology has started its journey as a torch-bearer of knowledge in the great historical place Pundranagar (now known as Mahastangarh) of the great Pundra Civilization. The University is devoted to the welfare of the nation with its noble aim of gaining and imparting knowledge reflecting the ideals of the ancient Vashubiharh University and Nalanda University of the Pundra Civilization.
We cannot deny the fact that we are very much indebted to the Pundra civilization for all that we have today—for example, our education, culture, customs, social values etc.... read more

Vice-Chancellor (Designated)

(Prof. Dr. M. Afzal Hossain)

About University

Welcome To Pundra University of Science & Technology Pundra University of Science & Technology started its initial activities in January 2001at Thengamara, seven kilometers away from Bogra City, beside Bogra-Rangpur highway in Gokul. It achieved the affiliation from the Ministry of Education in December 2002, and the Vice-Chancellor of the university was appointed upon the approval of the President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh... read more

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